Design: I work very hard to make sure that my clients get what they envision; I provide detailed computer-aided design drawings, complete with 3-D rendering, to present a clear and accurate representation of the end product. In most cases, revisions are worked out after the initial viewing of the drawings, and the result is a project tailor-made to meet each individual's needs.

Michael Glusman

Materials: Our standard cabinet interior is 3/4 inch maple veneer plywood, coated with clear conversion varnish. Conversion varnish is the industry gold standard for finishes; it resists even solvent based spills such as nail polish and paint remover. We use only the highest quality select hardwoods for doors, face frames and moldings. I drive to the lumber yards and hand-select almost all of my materials, often culling hundreds of board-feet of lumber to find what I want.

: With rare exceptions, we use Blum/Tandem undermount glides for our drawers. These are without question the finest glides available. They run extremely smoothly, and because they are mounted under the drawers, they are invisible when the drawer is pulled open. We use European concealed hinges made by Salice that can accommodate almost any cabinet situation, from flush inset doors to 45 degree angled openings. In most of our kitchens we include lazy susan hardware and trash/recycle pullouts made by Rev-a-shelf. These components provide easy access to awkward corners and an alternative to reaching under the sink plumbing to get to the trash can; and, as with all of our hardware, the action is very smooth.
Doors and Drawer Fronts: We provide a wide variety of choices in our excellent quality frame and panel cabinet fronts. Customers can choose from the simplest Shaker style inset panel doors, to detailed raised solid panel or molded styles. Our doors and drawer faces are always made from premium quality materials and are completely free from flaws such as knots, cracks, and sapwood (the whitish color wood found toward the outer layers of the log).

Fit and Finish: Most of our cabinets are finished with clear conversion varnish. If a stain is desired, I mix my own custom colors to insure natural, subtle coloring. With maple or cherry, a pre-stain or conditioner is used to prevent ugly blotching that occurs commonly on stained projects.

Installation: We install almost all of our own projects. Twenty-five years of experience have given me the appropriate skill to fit cabinets very precisely to any wall or floor situation, regardless of how out-of-level or -plumb the jobsite may be. Door fittings and gapping are very accurate, and crown-molding joints are put together with great care ensuring a tight fit. Ultimately, this is what makes the difference between a mediocre job and one that is professional and elegant.

Whether you live in Los Gatos, Carmel, Los Altos, Atherton, San Jose Monterey or Santa Cruz, Michael Glusman Woodworking provides the very best materials and the highest level of workmanship. We strive to exceed your expectations.

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